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Every time I go to check on the cheetah cubs, they are NOT ON THE SCREEN!!! And its been like a 2 weeks! =[ But maybe you guys will get lucky.


Cuteness alert!! This adorable cheetah cub was shared by the incredible conservationists @hesc_endangeredspeciescentre (some graphic images shared on feed) - they help shine light on important issues regarding animals who are vulnerable and endangered. by ink361


"Stubbs Cheetah and Stag With Two Indians by George Stubbs [1600x1056]"

In the past, cheetahs would be used for hunting and as a status symbol. Today, in some places, they are still used as status symbols or luxury pets. They are mostly acquired illegally from the wild as cubs and sadly most of the cubs die before reaching the buyers. This causes more cubs to be taken to fulfill the demand which contributes to their populations decline.


Cheetah’s mom protects her future by Moda_Andrea
Shooted in 2003 by parents , scanned by me in 2014